Our sign is up!

Hi everyone!

If you’ve recently driven along Biscayne Boulevard, say around 82nd street, you would have already noticed our sign has gone up! This means there are some great — and delicious — things on their way. Stay tuned… we’ll be posting more updates as they happen.

And yes, we promise to start teasing items from our menu soon enough. 😉



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6 thoughts on “Our sign is up!

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    1. Thanks for your note, Mike! We’ve got a great team working on this and should all go well, we’re looking at the next couple months… Will keep everyone updated. Looking forward to seeing you on Opening Day! Cheers!


  1. Hi, I work across the street and see your shop everyday. I am anxiously waiting for your grand opening! It will be something refreshing to the neighborhood and the best thing about it, is that it’s walking distance! Count on me as a customer!


    1. Hi Lauri! Thanks so much for the note; looking forward to seeing you. We are excited to open and serve the community! We’re going to have a great time and serve up lots of wonderful things… Stay tuned. You’ll hopefully start seeing more of us soon as we build up the place. 🙂 Have a great day! Johnny & Ainsley @ CREAM


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