Cream Parlor is coming soon

Thanks for visiting our page! We’re really excited for some big news… but like all good things, they come to those who wait… 😉 Stay tuned.


CREAM is coming soon.



4 thoughts on “Cream Parlor is coming soon

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  1. Hi! I see the parlor every time I pass by that street and can’t wait on the grand opening! I was wondering if you guys will be hiring soon?


    1. Hi Nolia! Thanks for your note. We are very excited for the opening, which — we are hoping — should be very soon. We’ll keep you informed as we get closer to the Big Day. We’ll let you know! Best regards! Johnny & Ainsley @ CREAM


  2. are you guys opening this weekend ?
    my daughter saw an a saying you were opening on May 7th.
    but i cannot find any info on your website.


    1. Hey there – thanks for contacting us!

      We are super excited to open, but we’re not quite there yet! Although it won’t be this weekend, it will be soon. We’re going to start making updates to this page, as well as announce updates via social media. (We’ll make a few posts advising folks how to find us on social media soon.)

      Thanks again – and we’re really looking forward to meeting you in person!

      Ainsley & Johnny


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